Communication Tools

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ChatHub is our unified messaging platform allowing salespeople to respond to messages from all classified sites. With quick chat responses from the mobile phone and no app to download, ChatHub is a simple to use communication tool similar to texting with family and friends. ChatHub allows our customers to engage, nurture, and convert shoppers. All ChatHub conversations can be read, transferred, and recorded into the CRM in seconds.

Carbo in English and Español

CarBo is TapClassifieds’ innovative AI virtual assistant answering shopper inquiries 24/7. Our AI assistant responds instantly to questions in English and Spanish to engage and nurture customers. CarBo is intuitive and smart, gathering customers' preferences, contact information, and sharing important product details. CarBo gets smarter with every conversation.

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Chatter, a new website chat solution, provides businesses with accuracy, speed, and informative engagement to their website visitors. With Chatter, shoppers communicate with the business directly on the website or start a conversation over SMS, all routing to the dealership's CRM for attribution. According to the Facebook Messaging Survey, 63% of people across generations prefer to message than call or email. Chatter ensures you are not leaving leads on the table by not offering a webchat option for customers.

Auto Responder

Business is competitive. Don't leave shoppers waiting for answers. TapClassifieds Auto Responder instantly replies to all incoming messages with a customized automated response. This communication can be configured to suit your business educating shoppers about your website, phone number, business hours, incentives, specials and more.

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